The after-break

I love taking short breaks in between my PhD – just a week or two or a long weekend somewhere away from where I am from.  Helps me refresh and recollect myself before I go nuts.  Even my supervisor encourages it, ‘You need it’, she says.  GO SUP!!

BUT, the worst bit is just after the break.  It’s just so hard to get back into action, into the lab, into planning and into doing actual work.  I’ve taken extra two days of break staying at home or just lounging aka couch-potatoeing.  I should get back to work tomorrow, hm?  I have booked for a pamper session (a cheap voucher, yes cheap, I bought quite awhile back) tomorrow afternoon though…….oh, the joy!

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Turning into the research monster

I’m beginning to warp into the the monster I’ve always dreaded to be.  I’m snarling, growling, hissing & scratching anything (or anyone) that (who) comes in my way.  Today, it’s the Zetasizer – a big machine to do one minute analysis, ok, two.  No doubt it’s powerful in all its doing BUT I hate it.  It’s spitting at me – spitting bad results at me.  I doubt it’s my sample.  I always doubt that.  It is NEVER my sample, ALWAYS the machine.

I wonder why didn’t I take up some literature research degree thing. Bah.  Computers work better with me.  Hmm, shouldn’t jinx myself eh?

Anyhow, here’s a very funny post by Thesis Whisperer.  The title is ‘The Perils of PhD Parenting’.  No, I am not pregnant.  No, I am not planning to get pregnant anytime soon.  It’s just a funny post, stop.

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It’s been a YEAR since I last wrote!

I guess doing a PhD, a wedding & taking up more responsibilities in church really took up the whole year….

Current status(es):

1) PhD: still alive. moving forward – slowly. time = limited.

2) Marriage: getting used to. takes a lot of you.

3) Church: going well. can’t (& shouldn’t) complain. huge things to come.

Again, like…wow. I hope I can keep this up.

Anyway, I found a blog for thesis people.  Under my new links tab. 🙂

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Things to be thankful for

During the past month of wonderful eventful happenings, I’ve a few things to be thankful for:

1) PhD supervisors who are very helpful and kind

2) A boyfriend who is utterly supportive

3) A great Easter at church

4) Our house which is due to settle in a couple of days (hopefully)

I have been tired, no doubt.  Leading a cell group and doing research and working part-time is just…madness.  I’m pretty happy with the progresses I’ve made albeit it could have been faster.  My focus on Him has been strengthened.  I thank Him for being so patient and forgiving, what would I do without You??

Anyway, there are many more eventful happenings coming up in the next few months.  April: cleaning & moving houses.  May: PhD proposal focus.  June: PhD candidacy application focus.  July: my candidacy application is due, a good friend’s wedding in Singapore and a possible trip home to stock up on the new house and something else which I shall reveal when it’s more definite. 🙂 2010 is moving ahead faster than a bullet train!!

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Where in world is carmen electra?

Unlike what the title suggests, I am not away neither have I been on holidays.  I’ve just been utterly BUSY.  Since the last time I wrote, time flew by pretty quickly.  My rellies came for 1.5 weeks for my sister’s graduation and I was mostly the host and driver (of a humongous 8 seater MPV).  Church has been so busy with changes and shifts.

Apart from all this, I’m working on my candidacy now.  This is a ‘short’ 10-page document on my research project which includes the proposal (in depth), many logistical issues, a budget and a timeline.  From my last research proposal used for my admission, my project has taken a 180-degree turn.  It’s totally different now but with obvious reasons, I can’t reveal the project.

Anyway, I’ll keep you updated!

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I was reading ‘a graduate school survival guide’ by Ronald T. Azuma, a Computer Science graduate in the states.  I quote him:

“You don’t have to be a genius to do well in graduate school. You must be reasonably intelligent…”

AMEN to that! 🙂 So whoever says ‘PhD?!?!?! wahhhh, you’re so smart!!’ I shall direct them to this website and zoom this sentence into their face.  It’s just that I have chosen research as my career and hence, PhD is necessary, unfortunately for me.

Alright, not to say that I hate research, not to say that I hate working (ok ok, I admit, I prefer not to work), I’m just saying that if I need to have a career in the first place, this 4-year sacrifice of living under the poverty line is necessary.  I just hope people understand and stop viewing me as a psycho (nearly there, no doubt!) wanting to just avoid work and think I’m too smart for anything but this.

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Hi!  Sorry for my hiatus despite me having a LOT of free time on my hands.  I guess I owe you some updates yea?

1. PhD enrolment: OK, this is a pretty complicated situation to explain.  I did receive my letter of offer to enrol *jumps for joy*.  However, after some advice from my supervisor, I’ll be officially enrolling only next semester part-time.  I’ll still start my preparation for my candidacy in Feb so that it’ll be completed by the next round of scholarship applications in October.  Why part-time?  Well, when I do get a scholarship next year (which will be most likely with my candidacy), they will deduct the amount of time I have been officially enrolled prior to the receipt of the scholarship.  Got confused?  Yes, I got confused explaining to you too.

2. House hunting: Our first offer on our first house didn’t get accepted.  Not too bogged down by it, we expected it considering the competition was stiff and we only could afford half of the asking price range.  We’re still house hunting but because my other half is faithfully working in some woop woop land in Oz until next month, we can’t put in any offers until he gets back.

3. Learning: This month has been a huge learning curve – spiritually and experientially.  My patience has grown within this month and my trust and dependence on Him has been forced to deepen due to circumstances surrounding me.  Though things seem to be simple to some, it was pretty tough having several complicated and taxing circumstances happening at the same time to one person.  I guess it’s a good maturing process for me, having to reach almost 3 years shy of my big 30.

Currently, I am enjoying the tennis matches going around Oz.  How amazing that Henin is back and still as good – as if she never left!  She’s like a ballet dancer playing tennis. 🙂

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Getting our feet wet

After much hunting for a house of our own, we have finally found a place where we can call home for the first 10 years of our lives until we get enough money to tear down the place and develop it into rental properties.  Today is the day we’ll be putting in an offer for the place and wait.  It’s very nerve-wrecking.  Honestly, I don’t know how are we going to go through this another 3 times since we plan to go ahead in property investment.

The bummer is I was told by the seller’s agent that someone will be placing a cash offer tomorrow.  We’re obviously not cash buyers, so that might just kick us down the list of preferred buyer. 😦 But oh well, if it’s for us, God will prevail.  If it’s not, it won’t go through.  We have to be contented with the fact that we’re in a temporary world and that all things here are only temporary, nothing is saved for our life after death.  Learning to have this faith in such a huge matter has been pretty trying.

2010 is only 14 days in and we’re going through many trying times already.  I thank God for that because we are growing and we’re growing for the better in Him.  Amen.

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I’ll finally be getting my enrolment pack – 2 or 3 more working days. A few things in life now are in the limbo. Thus far in the new year, I’ve come to several learned conclusions: 1) house hunting is very tiring and draining physically/mentally/emotionally; 2) I have a secret anxiety problem (some may say that it’s not a secret).

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New year plans.

After lamenting over the fact that I have just had an epic fail in my adult life (yes, I had many during my childhood and teen days), I stood on my feet and made decisions on where my life will be for 2010.

A few goals will be met this year (boy, am I sounding positive):

  1. losing 10 kgs by end of 2010 – I know this is on everyone’s list but heck, why not mine!
  2. getting a house with my babe.
  3. starting my PhD (part-time at the moment) and getting my scholarship for 2011.
  4. starting my share investment portfolio and if possible, at least one business venture.
  5. reading a book a month.

I think 5 is more than enough.  They all seem ambitious yea?  Unfortunately, that’s a characteristic of me – ambitious.  Sometimes too much but it keeps me going at least.  I had enough of being upset over my losses and failures.  Time to lift my head up high and believe in the supernatural that my God is a God of possibilities.

So, the question remains.  If I do not have a scholarship this year, how will I — live?  Well, fees are exempted for Australian residents (which I proudly am as of July 2009).   I will be doing my PhD part-time: to complete my candidacy (a huge project proposal) and literature review.  While doing that, I’ll be working part-time in tutoring, lab demonstrating and research work.  With a lot of saving gusto, I should be able to — live.

I guess so far, those are my plans!

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