A new lease (leash?) of life

Yes, I have finally decided to start blogging again.  Maybe it’s the lack in motivation in the past that saved me from uttering unprovoked, nonsensical thoughts on the world wide web.  Or maybe it was the past 5 (?) blogs I signed up for and never went back to it because I somehow lost the ‘unique’ username and password I had.  Or maybe I’m just not a blogger.


Whatever it is, I’m embarking into a new stage of my life – PhD.  Whether it’s a new lease or leash of life, I’ll never know until the end of a four-year jail term with the academia.  Despite all negativity (heh), I’m excited about this stage of my life.  Always wanted to be called ‘doctor’ (this is as close as I can get to the old-dream of being a medical doctor, so don’t hang me for it!).  But I think I’m more excited about the things that are to come – the discoveries, the potentials, the learning, the angst, the disappointment..the..okay, I probably should stop, I’m feeling depressed now (and I haven’t started!).

My admission and scholarship applications were handed in last Friday.  I was told results would be out by Christmas.  Countdown? Nah.  I’d better just take a cruise.  NOT!  7.5 weeks!!!!!!!!!!! 0_0

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