The wait

I think the worst bits in life is waiting.  Waiting for the bus.  Waiting for the water to boil.  Waiting for the lights to turn green.  Waiting for ducks to cross the road when you’ve stopped halfway of a long, straight road.

Okay, not trying to be a complainer but honestly, I’m waiting.  The results for the PhD scholarship will be announced in mid Dec and the mail should arrive by Christmas.  I won’t be around in Perth so the sibs gotta check the mailbox everyday for me and give me the good (or bad) news.

I’m just praying and hoping it’ll be good.

Mum asked what’s plan B if there’s no scholarship?  I lied to her saying I have something in mind.  I actually have so much faith that I’ll get the scholarship that I haven’t fully thought of a plan B.  Yet.

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