I received an email over the weekend containing this…

…Dear Ms Ng (para) I am pleased to confirm that your application for the 2010 Australian Postgraduate Award (APA) / Curtin University Postgraduate Scholarship (CUPS) has been received prior to the closing date and therefore will be included in the University selection process. The final selection panel is scheduled to meet 16/12/2009 and you will be notified by mail of the outcome shortly after this meeting. Should you not have received notification by 11/01/2010, please send an email to the address below quoting the Application ID number at the top of this letter. Should you have any…

(note: I didn’t know how to blanko the bit where I placed a strikethrough, bleh)

If I don’t get any notification by 20/12/2009, I’ll personally come back to Perth and woop your sorr..

Okay, not meant to say that.  I’ll be happy to even get any notification. God, please help me….

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