The call.

I received a call from an unknown mobile number when I got into my car yesterday after work.

‘Hello? Is this Yan Jing?’

‘ Yes.’ *silence* (at this moment, my first reaction was ‘stupid crank call again’)

‘Hi, this is X from Y Uni.’ (oops, my supervisor!) ‘I just got a call from the ranking officer and he was asking for an update on those papers you submitted as in preparation‘ (only at this point did i recognise her/his scottish/irish accent)

‘Oh, one’s being submitted next week. (left out minor conversational details here)’

‘Great. I’ll let him know.  By the way, he didn’t tell me anything else.’ (as in whether my application was good etc)

‘Aw. That’s ok.’ And the conversation went on to something random like whether (s)he’s going on leave.

Apparently, I have to go through 3 stages of ranking (school, then faculty, then uni) before my application is considered by the scholarship board in mid Dec.  4 stages of praying and building my faith.  This is hard. 😦

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