New year plans.

After lamenting over the fact that I have just had an epic fail in my adult life (yes, I had many during my childhood and teen days), I stood on my feet and made decisions on where my life will be for 2010.

A few goals will be met this year (boy, am I sounding positive):

  1. losing 10 kgs by end of 2010 – I know this is on everyone’s list but heck, why not mine!
  2. getting a house with my babe.
  3. starting my PhD (part-time at the moment) and getting my scholarship for 2011.
  4. starting my share investment portfolio and if possible, at least one business venture.
  5. reading a book a month.

I think 5 is more than enough.  They all seem ambitious yea?  Unfortunately, that’s a characteristic of me – ambitious.  Sometimes too much but it keeps me going at least.  I had enough of being upset over my losses and failures.  Time to lift my head up high and believe in the supernatural that my God is a God of possibilities.

So, the question remains.  If I do not have a scholarship this year, how will I — live?  Well, fees are exempted for Australian residents (which I proudly am as of July 2009).   I will be doing my PhD part-time: to complete my candidacy (a huge project proposal) and literature review.  While doing that, I’ll be working part-time in tutoring, lab demonstrating and research work.  With a lot of saving gusto, I should be able to — live.

I guess so far, those are my plans!

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