Where in world is carmen electra?

Unlike what the title suggests, I am not away neither have I been on holidays.  I’ve just been utterly BUSY.  Since the last time I wrote, time flew by pretty quickly.  My rellies came for 1.5 weeks for my sister’s graduation and I was mostly the host and driver (of a humongous 8 seater MPV).  Church has been so busy with changes and shifts.

Apart from all this, I’m working on my candidacy now.  This is a ‘short’ 10-page document on my research project which includes the proposal (in depth), many logistical issues, a budget and a timeline.  From my last research proposal used for my admission, my project has taken a 180-degree turn.  It’s totally different now but with obvious reasons, I can’t reveal the project.

Anyway, I’ll keep you updated!

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