Things to be thankful for

During the past month of wonderful eventful happenings, I’ve a few things to be thankful for:

1) PhD supervisors who are very helpful and kind

2) A boyfriend who is utterly supportive

3) A great Easter at church

4) Our house which is due to settle in a couple of days (hopefully)

I have been tired, no doubt.  Leading a cell group and doing research and working part-time is just…madness.  I’m pretty happy with the progresses I’ve made albeit it could have been faster.  My focus on Him has been strengthened.  I thank Him for being so patient and forgiving, what would I do without You??

Anyway, there are many more eventful happenings coming up in the next few months.  April: cleaning & moving houses.  May: PhD proposal focus.  June: PhD candidacy application focus.  July: my candidacy application is due, a good friend’s wedding in Singapore and a possible trip home to stock up on the new house and something else which I shall reveal when it’s more definite. 🙂 2010 is moving ahead faster than a bullet train!!

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