Turning into the research monster

I’m beginning to warp into the the monster I’ve always dreaded to be.  I’m snarling, growling, hissing & scratching anything (or anyone) that (who) comes in my way.  Today, it’s the Zetasizer – a big machine to do one minute analysis, ok, two.  No doubt it’s powerful in all its doing BUT I hate it.  It’s spitting at me – spitting bad results at me.  I doubt it’s my sample.  I always doubt that.  It is NEVER my sample, ALWAYS the machine.

I wonder why didn’t I take up some literature research degree thing. Bah.  Computers work better with me.  Hmm, shouldn’t jinx myself eh?

Anyhow, here’s a very funny post by Thesis Whisperer.  The title is ‘The Perils of PhD Parenting’.  No, I am not pregnant.  No, I am not planning to get pregnant anytime soon.  It’s just a funny post, stop.

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