I didn’t get the scholarship.

I am disappointed and angry and upset and bewildered. Somehow I’ve gotten over it over my holidays. Now, the decision is to continue despite the results. Will apply again for next year after completing my candidacy part-time this year. I’ve to start seeing things in the supernatural rather than the natural realm. To continue a dream that seems impossible but with Him, it’s possible. 🙂

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The call.

I received a call from an unknown mobile number when I got into my car yesterday after work.

‘Hello? Is this Yan Jing?’

‘ Yes.’ *silence* (at this moment, my first reaction was ‘stupid crank call again’)

‘Hi, this is X from Y Uni.’ (oops, my supervisor!) ‘I just got a call from the ranking officer and he was asking for an update on those papers you submitted as in preparation‘ (only at this point did i recognise her/his scottish/irish accent)

‘Oh, one’s being submitted next week. (left out minor conversational details here)’

‘Great. I’ll let him know.  By the way, he didn’t tell me anything else.’ (as in whether my application was good etc)

‘Aw. That’s ok.’ And the conversation went on to something random like whether (s)he’s going on leave.

Apparently, I have to go through 3 stages of ranking (school, then faculty, then uni) before my application is considered by the scholarship board in mid Dec.  4 stages of praying and building my faith.  This is hard. 😦

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15 more.

15 more working days

to my holiday

(and the end of my miserable work contract here as a research assistant/personal assistant/lab technician/secretary/labourer/editor)


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I received an email over the weekend containing this…

…Dear Ms Ng (para) I am pleased to confirm that your application for the 2010 Australian Postgraduate Award (APA) / Curtin University Postgraduate Scholarship (CUPS) has been received prior to the closing date and therefore will be included in the University selection process. The final selection panel is scheduled to meet 16/12/2009 and you will be notified by mail of the outcome shortly after this meeting. Should you not have received notification by 11/01/2010, please send an email to the address below quoting the Application ID number at the top of this letter. Should you have any…

(note: I didn’t know how to blanko the bit where I placed a strikethrough, bleh)

If I don’t get any notification by 20/12/2009, I’ll personally come back to Perth and woop your sorr..

Okay, not meant to say that.  I’ll be happy to even get any notification. God, please help me….

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The wait

I think the worst bits in life is waiting.  Waiting for the bus.  Waiting for the water to boil.  Waiting for the lights to turn green.  Waiting for ducks to cross the road when you’ve stopped halfway of a long, straight road.

Okay, not trying to be a complainer but honestly, I’m waiting.  The results for the PhD scholarship will be announced in mid Dec and the mail should arrive by Christmas.  I won’t be around in Perth so the sibs gotta check the mailbox everyday for me and give me the good (or bad) news.

I’m just praying and hoping it’ll be good.

Mum asked what’s plan B if there’s no scholarship?  I lied to her saying I have something in mind.  I actually have so much faith that I’ll get the scholarship that I haven’t fully thought of a plan B.  Yet.

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A new lease (leash?) of life

Yes, I have finally decided to start blogging again.  Maybe it’s the lack in motivation in the past that saved me from uttering unprovoked, nonsensical thoughts on the world wide web.  Or maybe it was the past 5 (?) blogs I signed up for and never went back to it because I somehow lost the ‘unique’ username and password I had.  Or maybe I’m just not a blogger.


Whatever it is, I’m embarking into a new stage of my life – PhD.  Whether it’s a new lease or leash of life, I’ll never know until the end of a four-year jail term with the academia.  Despite all negativity (heh), I’m excited about this stage of my life.  Always wanted to be called ‘doctor’ (this is as close as I can get to the old-dream of being a medical doctor, so don’t hang me for it!).  But I think I’m more excited about the things that are to come – the discoveries, the potentials, the learning, the angst, the disappointment..the..okay, I probably should stop, I’m feeling depressed now (and I haven’t started!).

My admission and scholarship applications were handed in last Friday.  I was told results would be out by Christmas.  Countdown? Nah.  I’d better just take a cruise.  NOT!  7.5 weeks!!!!!!!!!!! 0_0

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