Hi!  Sorry for my hiatus despite me having a LOT of free time on my hands.  I guess I owe you some updates yea?

1. PhD enrolment: OK, this is a pretty complicated situation to explain.  I did receive my letter of offer to enrol *jumps for joy*.  However, after some advice from my supervisor, I’ll be officially enrolling only next semester part-time.  I’ll still start my preparation for my candidacy in Feb so that it’ll be completed by the next round of scholarship applications in October.  Why part-time?  Well, when I do get a scholarship next year (which will be most likely with my candidacy), they will deduct the amount of time I have been officially enrolled prior to the receipt of the scholarship.  Got confused?  Yes, I got confused explaining to you too.

2. House hunting: Our first offer on our first house didn’t get accepted.  Not too bogged down by it, we expected it considering the competition was stiff and we only could afford half of the asking price range.  We’re still house hunting but because my other half is faithfully working in some woop woop land in Oz until next month, we can’t put in any offers until he gets back.

3. Learning: This month has been a huge learning curve – spiritually and experientially.  My patience has grown within this month and my trust and dependence on Him has been forced to deepen due to circumstances surrounding me.  Though things seem to be simple to some, it was pretty tough having several complicated and taxing circumstances happening at the same time to one person.  I guess it’s a good maturing process for me, having to reach almost 3 years shy of my big 30.

Currently, I am enjoying the tennis matches going around Oz.  How amazing that Henin is back and still as good – as if she never left!  She’s like a ballet dancer playing tennis. 🙂

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